Virtual Host

Are you looking for an innovative way to welcome guests or draw attention to your company and products?

  • Who ever walks around at trade shows, probably already noticed: real distinctiveness is often not there. Most fair stands look pretty boring: some walls where the logo of the company is located, some LCD screens where a company presentation runs and strategically placed products. But the worst thing is that when you walk past a stand, no one appeals to you! Missed opportunity ...

    The Vision2Watch Virtual Hostcan solve two problems in one swoop: : On the one hand it generates a lot of attention and stopping power, and on the other hand you have a virtual vendor in the service that appeals to everyone.

    But what is a Virtual Host exactly?

    The Virtual Host is a reallistic projection of a lady or gentleman in a silhouette that has the shape of a person. So it seems that there is an actual person. What makes the Virtual Host truly unique is the interaction. The host does not talk only they know when someone is in front of her. This not only makes the host lifelike, it also ensures that the information it displays is brought to the attention optimally.

    The system is also very user-friendly: you will receive a complete package so you can install the system easily without technical knowledge Because of its flexibility, you can place the Virtual Host on multiple locations.

    The benefits of the Virtual Host:
    • It attracts the attention of customers and passers
    • High customer service
    • Differentiate yourself from the competition.
    • Works 24/7, never gets tired

    The Virtual Host is custom made: you can choose the model, clothing, text and lighting. You can choose between using one of our models or select someone from your own company to be filmed.

    What is a Virtual Host?

    Virtual Host Vision2Watch consists of the following components:
    • Hardware: eg projector, motion sensor, sound system
    • Silhouet: Silhouette: the bottom is stickered (such as trousers); the upper part is a mounted special projection foil
    • Virtual Host Software: By using this software, the projection fits perfectly into the silhouette
    • Video recording in the Vision2Watch Studio. Animations can be placed on the body (including logo animation)


    You can apply the Virtual Host on the following areas:
    • Retail
    • Exhibitions
    • Events
    • Musea
    • Points of Information

    The Virtual Host also has its own website where you can learn more about the possibilities and examples projects that we already realized

    Please click on the link below.

Virtual Host website