It is time to ditch the keyboard and mouse in favour of a hi-tech Touch Screen monitor from Vision2Watch today.

  • As an experienced specialist in the field of interactive systems, Vision2Watch is able to offer a broad spectrum of touch screen products and services.
    We are not just a supplier of touch screens, we are your partner for the end-to-end solution. We will find the optimised solution for your own particular application based on innovative touch technologies.

    An example is the iTable: an interactive table with touch LCD screen and audio. With the iTable you create a campaign, brochure or other valuable information interactively available to the public.

    Due to the high quality and many options of touch screen is the iTable is the perfect way to involve your organization or to advertise the public.

    Interactive windows are easy to install and simple to use. A transparent Touch Foil is mounted to the inside of your (shopfront) window with the interactive window display projected outside. With no “fixed” external components, you’ll enjoy peace-of-mind assurance that the installation is safely contained inside the premises.

    Touch Schermen
    The interactive and responsive electronic multimedia displays from Vision2Watch are both sure-fire attention grabbers for retailers and the ideal collaboration tool for boardrooms, schools and training facilities.

    What can a Touch Screen do for you?
    • Provide an exciting, interactive alternative to the traditional blackboard, whiteboard, or billboard style advertisement.
    • Promote your retail products or services and corner your target market.
    • Cement your reputation as a technology-savvy retailer, organisation or education provider.
    • Completely transform your campaign, presentation or lesson with expanded ‘content’ capabilities.

    How does it work?
    Available in various brands and sizes, the Touch Screen monitor display screen is an electronic touch display that boasts its own ‘content creation’ software and is computer compatible with Windows 7. Using a finger, pen or stylus, the presenter, passer-by or other user can perform all kinds of multi-touch functions including writing, drawing, annotating, highlighting, editing and more. Retailers will also relish the opportunity to offer their shoppers a mouse-free touch screen experience. The technology effectively transforms traditional ‘board style’ advertising and presentations into a colourful, visual and engaging multimedia collaboration.

    Where would consumers be without Directory and Wayfinder signage? We’d certainly be struggling to navigate our way – to our favourite fashion chain store, an ATM, the nearest toilet, the food court, a bus stop – the list goes on.
    That said, intuitive and modern Wayfinder navigation software offers a whole lot more than simply pointing customers in the right direction. It also includes a slick interactive touch-screen with impressive presentation capabilities to engage consumers and influence their purchasing decisions.

    From a business viewpoint, the solution can help them increase their retail revenue. The ability to analyse and target their customer base, report on and gain customer feedback via the Interactive Wayfinder is a step forward in terms of savvy marketing opportunities.