Pepper's Ghost

Create the most spectacuar illusions and amaze the audience!

  • For truly spectacular presentations or shows you can have Vision2Watch create a Pepper's Ghost illusion. This will make it seem as if there are people and things which aren't really there. The resulting image is called a hologram, although true holograms like in sci-fi movies do not yet exist.

    How does Pepper's Ghost work?
    Pepper's Ghost is an illusionary technique used in a wide range of fields, from theatre to Heads-up displays in Fighter Jet aircraft. By placing a glass or foil under a 45 degree angle in respect of the viewing point and an other glass or foil in front of the viewers, light that hits the 45 degree glass/foil reflects partially to the other glass/foil. Giving the illusion of an object being there when there is not.

    This technique requires intimate knowledge of lighting and glass and foil types specifically engineered for this purpose. You can also see the effect in your own car, just put a piece of paper on the dashboard and you'll see it in your front-window. That's basically a Pepper's Ghost illusion.

    Pepper's Ghost:
    • Can be really small or as big as a whole stage.
    • Spectacular visual effect.
    • Sure to be remembered by people.

    What can a Pepper's Ghost illusion do for you?
    • A Unique way of presenting your product.
    • Support you at lectures.
    • Great for theme parks and museums.
    • People will talk about it, which means they talk about you and your product.