Video Logo

Want to see your name up in lights?

  • When you witness what a Video Logo from can do for your business, you won’t believe your eyes!

    Mounted on an office wall, conference backdrop, exhibition space, or wherever you like - we’ll make your static logo spring to life in a dazzling display of light, movement and colour.

    Your logo will even be very visible from the outside of your shop. The bright colors will catch people's eyes.

    How does a Video Logo work?
    We cut out 3D lettering and/or motifs that perfectly overlay the dimensions of your business logo. From here, we work with our own developed software to create a customised special effects file and project it onto your logo. This clever, eye-catching Video Logo display is destined to unite your business or brand with its intended target market.

    Video Logo
    • Only for Sale.
    • Makes your logo come alive.
    • Makes your logo stand out.
    • Easy and quick to install.
    • Doesn't need a lot of maintenance.
    • Designed especially for you.

    What can a Video Logo do for you?
    • Generate traffic in your store.
    • Gives you the ability to change theme quickly.
    • Become more memorable for (potential) clients.
    • Stand out from the other companies

Video Logo Brochure