Holographic Projection

Let your product, logo or other object "float" in the airma screen into an irresistible, interactive touch screen experience.

  • Vision2Watch offers a completely new way of 'window shopping' with holographic projection. A spectacular sight for the passersby and a good way for your company to stand out.

    How do Holographic Projections work?
    People, products or other objects are projected in full scale onto a transparent screen. Special projection techniques make it appear that the object or person is floating in space. This creates spectacular effects. Holographic projection is interesting to the retail branch, to architects, but also to exhibitions.

    Our high resolution screen does justice to your message and is unique in regards to design and application possibilities.

    The possibilties
    The holographic projection is also available as touch screen, so that the image on the screen reacts or alters when touched. Touch screens are available in sizes from 35 inch to 134 inch and larger formats on request.

    What can a Holographic Projection do for you?
    • 24 hour interaction with potential customers is possible with holographic projection.
    • The product is simple to install in any shop window and does not need much maintenance.
    • Flexible in content, dimensions and effects.
    • Also available in touch screen.
    • Holographic screen available in sizes from 35 inch to 134 inch, larger on request.
    • Stable software, projection screens and projectors.
    • Not only for sale, but also to rent.
    • Delivery with standard software or custom-made software.

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