Building Projection

A unique way to be noticed.

  • The name says it all, Building projection is a projection onto a building.

    This projection is a 3-Dimensional animation aligned to the shape and windows of the building, which creates a unique experience. Think of items that move around pillars or objects flying out of the window, the possibilities are endless. Very well suited for high traffic areas. Your building will be the talk of the town.

    How does a Building Projection work?
    To align the projection perfectly onto the building a Vision2Watch specialist will first analyze the building and take pictures of it.

    Then a "map" is made of the buildings outside architecture so we can create an animation that fits perfectly on all the lines, windows and other features.

    Then the animation will be created entirely onto the architecture of the building and according to the pre-existing terms.

    When the animation is made we can place the projector by the building and use specialized software to align the animation to the building. This way the projection will have a perfect overlay on the building.

    The possibilties
    Building projection can be applied to almost every location: along highways, at events or in the middle of a center, you name it, one thing is certain, passersby can't avoid it.

    Building projection is a completely innovative and impressive way of communication. Your message will attract attention without a doubt and people will remember it.

    What can a Building Projection do for you?
    • Make your building stand out.
    • Gives your message a unique look.
    • Low maintenance.
    • Not only for sale, but also for rent.
    • Flexible in content, size and effects.
    • Can be placed at almost any location.