Do you have difficulties in promoting your company, brand or product?

Look no further. Vision2Watch is specialised in “thinking outside the box”. Using state of the art visual technologies, we manage to surprise our customers in each project. With striking work, inspiring ideas, and 100% commitment. And that is what it's all about.

About us


We are often asked what type of a company we are: a marketing agency or a company specializing in audio visual equipment? The answer is simple: both!

We combine technology with creativity, with the purpose of enabling our customers to convey their message playfully, yet effective way to their audience's.

Our solutions are not only innovative and creative, but also fun! Ergo: the ideal solution for our customers to be distinctive compared to the competition.

Whether it is a simple projection or a complete exhibition booth, including design, manufacturing and project management: You're at the right place Vision2Watch!

Feel free to have a look on our page to see what we have already done or to view our products. Of course you can also call us to see what we can do for you.


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We start every project by understanding the goals and requirements, then we develop the solution including wireframes and project plan


Vision2Watch offers a complete range of creative services including concept development, copywriting, graphic design and art direction.


We specialise in custom built solutions, for all types of (international) customers, developed on industry leading technologies.


We can offer various customised Service Level Agreements for your solution, ensuring that you and your clients are always well looked after.


Our portfolio is a collection of our latest and gratest interactive products, brand identities.

Our services

Here at Vision2Watch, we are committed to delivering high quality, dedicated and responsive services that engage and cater to the promotional needs of our clients.


Your Interactive Floor, your iWindow and your Virtual Host have a voice and speak for your brand. Vision2Watch can help ensure that the message you’re sending is not only being seen, but that it’s the right message for your target audience.

To ensure the quality of the solutions, Vision2Watch offers various additional services, such as Content Creation, Installation on-site and various Service Level Agreements.

Each of these areas has its own needs, and we have the experience to make your company successful in each of them. We will work with you to properly understand your company’s message and tone, so that your communication is effective, unique, and carries your brand to your customer. More Info

  • Client Consultation Services

    We make sure that you will get the right solution.

  • 3D Animation

    We'll build it from scratch for you!

  • Product Installation

    Installation is a breeze for our technicians.

  • Software development

    We develop user friendly software aligning with your advertising/media goals.

  • Visualization

    Set the mood with a Vision2Watch visualisation.


Who is better able to tell you about our solutions than our customers?

below is a summary about their feedback.

You can also visit our product pages for several photos and videos of completed projects.

  • vision2watch clients
  • Monique Tijdink | Virtual Host | Muziekids

    "Thanks guys, for making a Virtual Host for Muziekids."

  • Aart Kleinveld | Virtual Host | Mercedes Benz | Den Haag

    "The Virtual Host was really an added value to our A-store. People tended to walk past our store. However, the Virtual Host was able to draw their attention."

  • Corrie de Goeij | Virtual Host | Bakker Sliedrecht Electro Industrie B.V.

    "The Virtual Host was of great added value to our stand. Sometimes there was more attention for the host than our own crew!"

  • Judith Robben | Virtual Host | Timing Amsterdam

    "The Virtual Host makes our branch really stand out compared to other branches. We got a lot of great response. It's new and innovative."

  • Andrew Teixeira | Virtual Host | Tricab omc.

    "Richelle was a huge hit at the tradeshow! Creating lots of buzz and attractng many visitors to the booth."

  • Arjan Mul | Virtual Host | unTill

    "Virtual Hostess - unTill We deployed the hostess to create extra stopping power for our stand during a catering exhibition. Despite of the short period of time, Vision2Watch realized a professional presentation which led to attracting more visitors. Moreover it's nice to be able to refer to the gadget in leads follow-up calls : there is direct recognition."


Vision2Watch supports the Muziekids foundation!

the Muziekids foundation realizes fantastic music studios in hospitals to offer childeren many forms of music experience.

So Muziekids ensures that they forget pain, grief and homesickness, so that their stay is enjoyable.

Do you want to know more about the Muziekids foundation or do you want to support them, have a look at the Muziekids foundation website or contact Vision2Watch


A website may be a nice introduction, still the best way to present ourselves is when we meet in person. Being in a dialogue and tailored to your questions, goals and industry. Then you will not only learn about our work and our approach, but you will also discover why it is good to work with Vision2Watch.

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